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Congratulations! Chances are if you’re visiting my website, you have recently become engaged. How exciting for both of you! If you consider the wedding ceremony the most important part of your day, we’ve already got something in common!

Wholehearted Coaching

Are you forever comparing yourself to other women thinking ‘they’ve got it altogether’ and you’re just plugging along faking it until one day when you might just make it?


There’s something a little magical about calling myself an author! I never imagined back in 2003 when I officiated my very first wedding, that I would ever feel confident enough to own the title ‘expert’.

Love Letters

When things go really well (or really poorly) in one area of life, everything else can lose focus. Mandi has helped me bring clarity and cohesion to my approach. With her guidance, I have seen improvements in all aspects of my life.

I am continuously thankful that I invited Mandi into my life as my Life Coach. Everyday, I have a thought, or make a choice, or take a direction with a positive impact due to what I’ve learned from my work with Mandi.

Mandi is a warm and insightful. Her compassion shines through on every interaction. Mandi shows genuine interest in my progress and holds me accountable to ensure my success. She is truly inspiring.

Through a process of difficult questions and challenges, Mandi has led me to a new level of awareness and recognition of my own life’s purpose. Living on purpose is rewarding and fulfilling without regret. There is no limit to the value of the time that Mandi has spent working on these objectives with me. Overall, it has been a refreshing experience.


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