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Congratulations! Chances are if you’re visiting my website, you have recently become engaged. How exciting for both of you! If you consider the wedding ceremony the most important part of your day, we’ve already got something in common!

Wholehearted Coaching

Are you forever comparing yourself to other women thinking ‘they’ve got it altogether’ and you’re just plugging along faking it until one day when you might just make it?


There’s something a little magical about calling myself an author! I never imagined back in 2003 when I officiated my very first wedding, that I would ever feel confident enough to own the title ‘expert’.

Love Letters

As my husband and I reside in Florida, we expressed some nervousness about engaging someone whom we had never before met to officiate at our wedding. However, you came highly recommended by the staff at the hotel where we booked our room and by our photographer.

Reverend Mandi, that nervousness disappeared when we chatted with you on the telephone and read your many e-mails. We knew that we had selected the right person to officiate.

When we met you for the first time on the day of the wedding, we felt like we were meeting an old friend, one who was not there out of duty but one who was there to make the day special. During the ceremony, you spoke eloquently and personalized the ceremony accordingly; as a result, my husband and I shed tears of happiness at times and laughed and smiled as well. We thank you, Reverend Mandi, for making our day special.

James & Jerry

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