Living on the Edge of Scary

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“To be scared is sensible, to be comfortable is suicidal” ~Unknown

Each morning I post a quote or something I feel is meaningful and inspiring on Face Book to connect with my friends and followers. I like the challenge of searching for something that moves me, makes me think about life with a different perspective, or is just plain brilliant! This morning I found the above quote, and it really grabbed my attention.

Lately I have felt that I’ve been sliding into the ‘comfortable’ side of life, and frankly I don’t like it! Since my training began to become a non-denominational minister 15 years ago, I have invested many days in feeling a discomfort within my soul; taking myself way beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone to places that scared doesn’t even describe, or according to the author of this quote, quite sensible!

There is something magical about having your blood course through your veins at breakneck speed, as your adrenaline kicks in, and you can feel your heart beating in your ears! It’s not that I want to spend all my time in fight or flight mode, however, I must say that there is definitely something addictive about always being on the edge of your seat waiting for the next ‘rush’ of excitement. Ah yes, I have had my fair share of moments over these years craving more and more until I’ve felt completely spent.

Lately I have realized that being sensible doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be scared all the time. It just means that I have to be aware of feeling a sense of complacency washing over me because the landscape looks all too familiar. It means that I need to be awakened to my feelings so that I know whether it’s either time to re-fan the flame of my current desires or throw caution to the wind and create something new and magical. New and magical by the way, does not need to be earth shattering and life altering though, and that is the lesson I have learned as of late. I used to think I had to ‘reinvent myself’ every time I was feeling complacent with life, and now I realize that I just need to reinvent the way I look at my life!

So today, I invite you to come along with me on this journey together of being aware of the comfortable and making friends with the scary, all the while feeling a sense of calm, relief and satisfaction knowing that we are choosing to live life on the edge of sensible!

With Warmth


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