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There’s Truth to the saying “Take on Step at a Time”!

Since the winter of 2011, I have been making some huge changes in my life. Through the help of some professionals, I integrated a lifestyle change that allowed me to shed 30 lbs. from my body taking me from a size 12 to a size 6. Needless to say, I was ecstatic about the change. I think the last time I fit into a size 6 was probably in grade 9!

Then before Christmas I decided after much thought and consideration (and then seeing a fabulous documentary called “Food Matters”, the deal was sealed), that I would become a vegetarian and just see how that would make me feel. And, I also decided to stop adding a beautiful auburn colour to my hair and allow my natural grey to shine through. All these changes have been wonderful to say the least, and I am feeling good about myself, my health and my life in general.

What I have learned, among many things (and too many to post here today), is that one of the best ways we can sabotage ourselves from making changes in our lives is to think that we have to change everything all at once. You see, I was that ‘all or nothing’ kinda girl for most of my 50 years, and it’s just been in the last 12 months that I have realized that I have tamed this wild part of me, and allowed myself to integrate small changes….but on a consistent basis. You know….like taking ‘one step at a time’…..what a concept!!

I didn’t realize I was taking this positive step on a conscious level until last week when I attended a very informative, and very thought-provoking seminar at Niagara College on GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms for those who don’t know this new catch phrase). I was getting caught up in the speaker’s frenzy of getting us to commit to making huge changes in our lives and spreading the word to everyone we know about how dangerous this is to our health, and more importantly the health of our children and many generations to come.

I agree wholeheartedly this is something I must take a look at and implement these changes into my life. The old me however, would have gone home and completely ransacked my whole kitchen to rid the cupboards of anything that I might think contained GMO’s. Instead I sat down and calmly reminded myself that like everything else I have been training myself to do over this past year, this too is a ‘one step at a time’ process that I will learn and integrate as I go, instead of becoming a Nazi and eliminating everything in my path.

Another lesson learned, and another proud moment of realizing I am becoming more consciously aware of every thought and feeling that courses through my mind and my physical being. And I say ‘thank you’ Universe for showing me the way….one step at a time!

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