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There’s something a little magical about calling myself an author!

I never imagined back in 2003 when I officiated my very first wedding, that I would ever feel confident enough to own the title ‘expert’ when it comes to what I do!

I remember how terrified I was driving up to the venue that beautiful June day. I had to stop the car three times on the way because I was hyperventilating and I honestly thought I was going to be sick! All I could imagine was this unassuming couple thinking that I had done this several times before, when it was my first time (I was just praying they wouldn’t ask!).

Well… that seems like a lifetime ago now! Since standing in front of that couple under the hydrangea drenched arbour that sunny afternoon, I have officiated over 1,200 ceremonies!

Over the years, I began noticing certain common themes, different ideas and thoughts that I felt were worth remembering; tips to make a couples wedding day better and some things to avoid. I compiled notes with ideas, tips and advice that I felt would ‘someday’ help them create an amazing ceremony experience.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with all the scraps of paper I kept in a file until one day I was telling a friend about an unusual experience I had with a couple and their dogs when I went to their home for a pre-wedding consultation. Quite innocently, she said ‘Wow! You’ve had some crazy things happen over the years. You should write a book!”

And so…the seed was planted!

I started to take all those tiny pieces of paper and transfer them into a file on my computer. The next thing I knew I had chapters of a book forming! The foundation was laid, now it was time to get serious.

Three years later after several starts and stops, I had a serious conversation with myself about beginning things and not finishing them! (I have about 6 painting projects on the go…all of them are half done!). I challenged myself to actually put some faith in myself to finish what I started and make that word document into a manuscript that someone actually might read.

Next, I found a publisher Full Circle Publishing and the rest they say is history!

I am very proud of From Yes to I Do. It is a compilation of several years of witnessing and observing wedding ceremonies from the vantage point of the person who says “I now pronounce you….”! I’ve heard hundreds of stories that range from the most frustrating part of being an engaged couple to the euphoria of telling a blended family that mom and dad are tying-the-knot! Through every tear and every belly laugh, I have enjoyed each experience in it’s own unique way.

From Yes to I Do is a very valuable tool that is easy to read. It is chock full of fabulous advice that can easily save a newly engaged couple a lot of money, time and more importantly…sanity!

My hope is that you will feel the joy and experience some of my pleasure throughout the past 15 years as I have been gifted with one of the most wonderful vocations on earth!

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