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Dear Reverend Mandi, when Steve and I decided to get married, we had no idea what sort of craziness was in store for us; the vendors, the venues, the seating charts, the invites…. It was a lot to try to tackle. There was only one facet of our big day that we did not have to worry about at all. From our very first meeting with you, we knew immediately that you would not do a thing to let us down. We immediately bonded over our love of caffeine, but in the first hour we spent with you it was obvious that you were the only person who we could trust to get the job done right!

You were consistently genuine, impossibly organized and always had our best interests at heart. From the beginning, you set the tone that this was our wedding and whatever our wishes, you would make them come true… You even overcame a car accident and came through for us!

After we were married, we had just about every guest tell us that they had never been to such a moving and beautiful ceremony and that this had been one of the best weddings that they had ever attended. The way you managed to capture both of our secret thoughts about each other for our personalized ceremony moved our guests, the wedding party, the grooms and even the venue staff to tears. It was all we could have hoped for.

Thank you Mandi, for everything!

Geoffrey & Steve

Denny and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful ceremony you performed. It was more than we could have ever imagined. Everyone there, loved the ceremony and loved you! Some even said “I never listen to the ceremony but she has a way of drawing you in.” Another said “this was most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to”.

Mandi, you really are one of a kind and you are a beautiful person inside and out. We are thrilled that you shared in our day and made it so special. I have said this before, but I feel as though I have known you forever.

All the best to you today, and always.

We love you!

Denny & John

Words could never explain what you did for us on our wedding day! You blew us out of the water and everybody there as well. To me a wedding is all about the ceremony and it was spectacular! You know it was wonderful when die-hard Catholics are talking non-stop about how your service was better than any church wedding they had ever been to. We feel blessed and honoured that you conducted the service for our wedding and we will never forget that day. You captured everything so beautifully and I don’t know what to do to thank-you, except say “thank-you” and that just doesn’t seem enough. From the bottom of our hearts, thank-you for opening up the eyes of those who were on the fence with our wedding and showing them that we too, are the same, and we love just like everyone else! I was told that some of our guests talked to you after the service to tell you how wonderful you were. We loved that others recognized how amazing you were too!

Maria & Megan

We just wanted to thank you again for officiating our beautiful wedding ceremony. Absolutely everyone was touched by your words. So many people said it was the most beautiful and emotional wedding ceremony they had ever attended. We are so happy we found you, as you truly made our day so special and something we will remember for a very long time.

Michael & Dustin

Our entire wedding day was special, but our ceremony was really unique. You took the time to get to know each of us. You presented a platform to allow us to discover if we knew each other’s wants, dreams and needs. And somehow you tied a bow around all of that for us with personal surprise details! We have had so many of our friends express the joy of that day! It is a memory that will last a lifetime. Thank you for being a part of it.

Mary & Cheri

In life there are few things that hold great meaning. Even fewer that you remember for your entire life. You dream of an event that you will forever be able to turn to the one you love and say, “Do you remember when…”. In order to prepare for this moment you need the guidance of someone you trust. Someone who you know who cares about your day just as much as you. Someone who will guide you through with the kindness you need and deserve. That is what we found when Rev. Mandi Neiser helped us plan the perfect wedding. Mandi provided us with the wisdom of how wedding vows are put together giving us options of what we would like to do. Mandi’s guidance helped to make our day, the perfect day that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you Mandi.

Tracy & Judy

Rev Mandi,We just wanted to send this letter to thank you for being such a big part of our wedding. We heard many amazing compliments from our guests on how the ceremony had touched them. You just really hit all of the points that we wanted to say to each other and to our family and friends. Your words were thoughtful and encouraging for all.We had an extra hurdle to cross with our wedding, as we needed to find someone who would actually be willing to marry us. Being two women, we had already run into a lot of discrimination that I don’t think either of us was prepared for. We ended up having to search a lot harder for simple things like a venue or someone to do a cake for us. You made the whole experience so easy and comfortable and we ended up finding someone who was not only willing to marry us but who was also excited about being part of the whole experience.

Thank you again.

Victoria & Jodie

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